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October 2006
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So as it turns out...

We're all slackers and, I admit, I'm even a cheater. Cheaters never prosper though, right? Anyway, after my fitness assessment and emotastic LJ post on Friday I've gained a bit of perspective on the matter--mostly that I can't just make a resolution so much as I have to make an entire lifestyle change if I can ever hope to lose the weight I want to lose. With that said, I'm disbanding my resolution--not that I plan to eat out more again, but because it's far less tempting when it's not forbidden (No wonder Eve ate the damn apple). Instead I'm going to go back to cataloging my food the way I did when I was doing the Curves diet. I'll try to stick within those parameters, but mostly it's just helpful to look at the amount of everything I've eaten--which is generally too much. Also--the regimine at the gym is a killer, but hopefully will be well worth it. I need to drop to at least a 14 by December because it would be nice not to be a fat ass when I meet Pat and Ali. So yeah, that's that on that. I'd rather do my posting here so I don't assault my entire FList with my eating woes. I'm not like some other folks that like to hold a captive audience. ::cough::

Now in theory, when first starting out the end of my day should look close to this:
carbs/protein/fat/calories = 90 / 139 / 33 / 1200 I think it's going to take some practice to get that back down, but who knows.

Breakfast: Egg, ham, and cheese sandwich w/cup of OJ
Bread (2 slices pepperidge farm carb style 7-grain bread)10/10/3/120
Ham (3 slices = 1 serving) 3/10/1.5/70
Cheese (1 slice 2% American) 2/4/2.5/45
Egg (1 large) 0/6/4.5/70
OJ ( 8oz ) 26/2/0/110

Total for breakfast: 41/32/11.5/415

Snack: A few hunks of watermelon, and a protein bar post work-out
SBD Peanut Butter cereal bar: 8(net)/10/5/140
Watermelon...um... According to calorie-count.com it's got 11/0/0/46

Total for Snackage: 19/10/5/186

Lunch: Turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato sammich
Bread (2 slices pepperidge farm carb style 7-grain bread)10/10/3/120
Turkey (1 filet) 1/16/1/80
Cheese (1 slice 2% American) 2/4/2.5/45
Lettuce and tomato don't really count for anything except water. x.x;
mayo (1 TB) 1/0/4.5/45

Total for Lunch: 14/30/11/290

Snack 2 (you really are supposed to eat about five times a day to keep your metabolism up)
Publix sm. tropical fruit salad with pineapple, strawberries, and kiwi. There is no nutrional info listed and I don't know how much of each was put in there, so we're just going to say that it went way overboard on carbs, but I don't really care because it's fruit and goddammit it's good for me so Atkins can kiss it. ^_^

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