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Breakfast - Whole grain vanilla yogurt total and a tangerine.

Lunch - left over baked chicken pasta.

Snack - PB&J sammich

Dinner - home-made hoagies & some reduced fat kettle chips. Delish.

...prolly going to have one of the skinny cow ice cream sammiches for dessert. Mmm, ice cream sammich.

Four days in, am I noticing a difference? Well, not really visually, but I feel a lot better. TMI, I know, but I've been having some digestive issues, which I would like to think is my body pushing out all the extra ick that's been chilling in there from deep fried food and burgers and what not. Anyway. Short post. I'm feeling vaguely emo today. Blergh. Had to take a day from working out. Muscles must recover and there is paaaaaain.

Michael Moore [userpic]

First off, let me apologize for my lack of posting. I really haven't meant to be as slackerish as I have been. I was just not to keen on measuring myself and seeing the bad news...but all in all here it is...

Height: 5'10
Weight: 232
Arms: 12 1/2"
Thighs: 29"
Chest: 45"
Stomach: 42"
Hips: 46"

So all in all not as bad as I feared, but not as good as I had hoped. Strangely, it seems that Josh and I seem to be on a very similar body build. So hopefully each others results will reflect how well we are doing.

My eating for the day has been uber bad, since I woke up early for a job interview that lasted a while, then didn't each much of anything except for a hamburger and some mach & cheese when we got back. I've not eaten any dinner yet, but I'm mostly waiting to go to the grocery store with Crystal so that we can stock up on some stuff.

I'm determined to get myself straightened out and get back in shape. Long ago..in a galaxy far, far away...I was skinny once, a nicely toned 165-170(which really is skinny and toned for my body build) and I will get myself back to that state.
Now I know that a bunch of talk isn't going to get me anywhere. But I'm going to get myself situated on my new diet and get a good exercise routine worked out. And then I'm going to stick to it, and hopefully watch the pounds and inches fall away. ^_^

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Ahhhh, today has gone much better. For breakfast I had Special K protein plus with skim milk. Okay, even with the tsp of sugar I added I may as well have been eating cardboard. I don't like the texture. I don't like the taste, but it DOES fill you up quite nicely for a short while.

After that and paying rent we went to the gym and spent over an hour and a half there getting set up on the strength circuit, which took about an hour, and then there was another 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical for me. Random fitness factoid that I learned today: When doing strength training and cardio in the same session, you should always always do your strength training first before your cardio and it helps you burn more calories. Also, you're not as tired during your cardio--at least that was what I noticed. So I suppose I can plan on spending about an hour and a half in the gym from now on--10 minutes to warm up, 30 minute strength circuit, 30 minutes cardio, and then another 10 minutes to cool down/stretch. The endorphine rush is well worth it though.

When I got back from that I ate two sandwiches. >.> I was SO hungry. Turkey with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and light mayo on toast.

I'll probably grab a piece of fruit here in a little while before I start making dinner. Don't know what I'm making, but I really do need to cook those cornish hens if I would remember to get the russet potatoes. So it may be chicken for the night, or pork chops. I think I have some of those in there too. I'll check back.

Snack was a smoothie made with 5 strawberries, about a cup each of skim milk and non-fat yogurt. It made 16 oz, so Josh and I each got a cup, and I had a hand full of nuts.

Dinner was my always delish baked chicken pasta with a chunk of this really good rosemary and olive oil cheese bread. I highly recommend it. Now I just have to mill around for another two hours or so so that I can go to bed. Good lord I'm tired.

How have you all been doing the last two days?

Didn't post an update yesterday because I'm a slacker and didn't do it before Josh hijacked the connection for three hours. Yesterday went okay except for one major flaw. xD Actually, it was hard because I got into one of my depressive slumps, which I usually remedy by Chinese, but to no avail! So...we went to publix and I bought stuff to make my own lo mein which was an experiment in failure. Anyway.

Breakfast - a bowl of whole grain vanilla yogurt total with skim milk

Snack - Fuze strawberry melon drink (this stuff guys...I'm serious. It's SO good and good for you) and beef jerky. It's hard to say how much I ate because the cats kept taking it.

Lunch - french bread pizza, nummy. It came back to haunt Josh for the rest of the day though. Apparently.

Snack - half a PB&J sandwich before I went to take a shower and then go to the store to get stuff for dinner. Don't want to go to the grocery store feeling hungry after all. Well, here in comes the major screw up for yesterday. There was a box of sugar free chocolate--it wasn't a big box and I figured having something sweet would keep me from going at the oreo cookie ice cream that's in the freezer from my b-day. So Josh and I get home, and between the two of us we eat the whole damn thing. I don't feel too bad about it, that was only like 6 or 7 pieces that we each ate, and it had a net carb factor of 1 per two pieces. Anyway though. It gave me a stomach ache and that failed, but back to...

Dinner - I made beef stir fry and lo mein. It pretty much sucked. And then we realized I forgot to add the sauce, so I added that, and it sucked worse. I ate very little of it so that was sad, but I did get a 14" wok, which really makes me ridiculously happy. I love kitchen stuff. And. My wok is bigger than Liz's. ::wok envy:: <3

Post-dinner...I wound up making a chicken sandwich and having the left over macaroni from Sunday night because I didn't eat enough at dinner to be full.

Overall, yesterday definitely wasn't one of my finer days in trying to eat better, and I didn't do anything for physical activity, so I guess that's one of my three 'off' days for exercise. At the moment though it's time for me to sling on some gym clothes so that we can go when Josh gets back from paying rent. We get to get ourselves set up on the 30 min strength circuit today. Huzzah!! That way I can go in and do 30 minutes of cardio then a loop around the circuit and be good to go. I shall return with an update later on how the day went, and also a warning on why you should never eat the Special K Protein Plus (mainly, because it sucks). Have a fabulous day!

Cee [userpic]

Aaah, I'm the poster child for bad habits. >>; I haven't taken my measurements in a while, but this was what I got when I did them, like ... last week.

Weight: 104
Chest: 29
Waist: 28
Hips: 30
Thighs: No idea.
Arms: Toothpicks.

Needless to say, I'm not really going for the weight loss factor, here. MONEY SAVED? Probably ten million dollars. I fed everyone dinner for about $15, which is what Mike and I could have spent each eating out.

Breakfast: Cinnamon raisin bagel, honey nut cream cheese

Lunch: Skipped, was sleeping.

Dinner: Roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob

Snack: Salad with light done right Catalina.

Other: I nibbled on some Milano cookies between breakfast and sleeping. Yeah, I know. Bad.

Physical activity: Yoga; Warrior Pose with lunge (six reps on each side); four reps each of Mountain to Plank to Cobra to Downward Facing Dog.

I have no idea what Mike ate. I'll go poke him to post. >>;

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Josh [userpic]

Okay, let's start off with the depressing news first.

The first set of measurements!

Weight: 232
Chest: 44.5
Ab: 43.5
Hips: 44.5
Thighs: 26
Arms: 13.5


Breakfast: Two slices of PB toast and a glass of OJ.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich, wheat thins and a carb control smoothie.

Snack: 1/3 bag of popcorn and a light beer. A strange combination, yes, but hey.

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast sandwich with light potato chips.


Like Ella said in her post, we went swimming and playing around in the ocean. We also went for a little walk on the trail outside the condo since it was a nice evening.

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Winding up day one, let's see what all I ate today.

Breakfast: bowl of whole grain vanilla yogurt total with skim milk, half a grapefruit, and a cup of OJ.

Lunch: Ham sandwich, wheat thins, and a carb control smoothie. Mmm.

Snack: 1/3 bag of popcorn, half a PB&J sammich, fuze drink--which I highly recommend in strawberry melon because it's low cal, low carb, but has metabolism boosters and is super delish.

Dinner: grilled chicken breast, sugar snap peas, mac & cheese

My at least 30 minutes of physical activity today? I spent no less than two hours in the ocean swimming and splashing and pissing off sand dollars. Then after dropping Lauren off, Josh and I went for a walk on the trail by the condo because the gym was closing soon since it's Sunday.

How did you guys do?

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Did all the depressing stuff a couple of minutes ago before I eat...very late this morning.

weight - 215
chest - 46.5
abdomen - 38.6
hips - 46
thighs - 27
arms - 15

...now I'm going to go eat a bowl of cereal and probably a peach and then make lunch for the beach. I'll check back in later with a food diary and gym report.

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Welcome to our little support group. Mostly this is for Mike who is probably eying the monitor blearily trying to figure out wtf we're signing him up for without his consent. And you know, because it's really easy to make plans but unless they're cemented it's even easier not to follow it.

Some basic stuff for the next month:

ABSOLUTELY NO EATING OUT. Period. Finito. End of story. Capice? It takes 30 days to make or break a habit, so we're going to break the eating out habit. It's unhealthy and it's expensive, and since we're all broke as hell and fat (except Crystal) this is going to be a big step to improving health. So pack a cereal bar with you when you run to the fabric store or wal-mart 'cause baby you ain't stoppin' at Mickey D's.

30 minutes of physical activity at least 4 days a week. Crys and I said five, Josh says 3, so I'm going to compromise and say 4. This can be walking, going to the gym, riding a bike, swimming, or whatever as long as you do at least 30 minutes of it four days a week.

Food diaries are important. Take a few minutes every day to write down everything you've eaten so at the end of the month you can pull up those posts and see where your diet is working for you and where you're sabotaging yourself.

Weighing and measuring. We're not going to be obsessed. Say it with me: WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE OBSESSED. Weigh at the beginning on Sunday morning, we'll do it again on October 15th, and then on October 31 to see if/how much weight we've lost by not succumbing to the siren wail of Chinese food deliciousness.

Lastly, I have tags for each of us, and can make more if anyone else wants to join and suffer with us.

crystal, ella, josh, mike, weigh-in/measurement, food diary, exercise, bitching, accomplishments. I think those are all the ones I have. Tag your entry so that you can find it later.

Any other rules, goals, etc, leave a comment and I'll add it to ye olde grand list above.

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